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The ownership at Lady of House will be chosen from the community of applicants. Are you skilled in the profession and/or have the ability to service our community in your region(s)?

Lady Capital, Inc. is establishing wood, metal, and production teams to support all brands within its portfolio. Those teams will shortly leverage into further development of the brand you see here: Lady of House. Those chosen for ownership will not only be partners at Lady of House, selected owners will participate in ownership of all brands moving forward.

Below are a few links to choose from: a notifications only selection, a link to Lady Capital, Inc. for additional details, downloadable .pdf files reviewing the equipment/support available to those selected for ownership, and a portal leading to ownership and/or regional exclusivity application:

Notifications Lady Capital, Inc.

Who is Lady Capital, Inc.

We started as a group of concerned individuals regularly meeting to share in our disgust of world news, politics, and the evolving nightmares of our chosen profession (primarily female, first responders…RNs, NPs, and MDs). We were professionals at highlighting problems and less impressive on developing solutions…humans getting in our own way. We decided to stop complaining and to live by the following; Together we are strong. Together we win!

Since 2017, Lady Capital, Inc. has done the necessary foundational work to develop 15+ successful brands (covering a variety of industries). We have brought together millions of dollars in equipment AND have aligned partnerships for strategic support across the globe. We are looking for skilled, loyal, and honest applicants for ownership.  Ownership of all brands (and regional exclusivity) will be chosen from our community of applicants.

No one person is above another. Unity is Strength. Unity is Love. Unity is Humanity. Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Only when good people [collectively] come together will positive change occur.

Our Brands

Are you skilled in the profession and/or have the ability to service our community?

Apply today and get involved.